Oskar Eisenengel

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Oskar Eisenengel
...At the doorstep of Eykan's castle.

Oskar Eisenengel is the main protagonist of the story. He was one of the first to stand against Eykan's evil rule, after his hometown, Karmannz, was attacked by Eykan's military. This most touched him by his only sibling, Albrecht, being kidnapped, and his parents not being seen after the incident. Most people who went against Eykan were in open, obvious rebellion, which would catch Eykan's attention and get them murdered promptly.

Oskar went by a more "sneaky, clever" method of rebellion, keeping an extremely low profile, and gaining power before he was visible by Eykan, instead of relying on the general public to help him. For instance, he joins The Faceless Clan (A band of mercenaries who commonly custom to Eykan) under the alias "Koetsu Ketsuragi", to find Eykan's exact location. He succeeds, and disappears from the clan.

He starts a life in a different town by making friends with Misha Moria and moving in with her. His original plan was to use her for shelter and food, refraining from getting attached to her. However, her sweet, thoughtful personality caused him to give in. In this town, he finds a market selling books on firearm design. Ever since Oskar was young, he enjoyed conjuring up ideas for weapons, so he decided to hone his weapons engineering skills. This gains him recognition from one of the only existing weapons companies at the time: Polecat (Most weapon knowledge was scattered and destroyed by The Resource Restoration Catastrophe).

Oskar eagerly accepted his invitation to Polecat under his alias (Koetsu Ketsuragi), knowing that it would give him power in many ways (earned money, discounted weaponry, advancing his weapon engineering knowledge, etc.). This allowed him to own a .357 Magnum revolver and practice firing it in his spare time. Over time, Oskar was doing more and more work than the other weapon designers, so the president of Polecat appointed him as the co-president. Soon after, the original president retired, making Eisenengel the new president. When gaining this position, he renamed Polecat to Moria in honor of Misha Moria.

The same day, Oskar went home to Misha, and announced to her that he renamed Polecat after her, and that he had rebellious plans against Eykan. At first she was quite concerned for Oskar's safety, but she was all right with it when Oskar explained that he would not be able to have mental peace if he did not take action. He would feel like he was letting his family down by doing nothing.

A childhood friend from Karmannz, Kleuz Reden shows up in Oskar's new hometown within the same week, acting similarly to how Oskar did; Begging for food and shelter. He miraculously comes to Misha's doorstep, Oskar immediately recognizes him, and asks Misha to let him stay on Oskar's expense. She accepts, they catch up, and Oskar explains his plot. Kleuz immediately agreed to join forces, being his old friend, not to mention someone who had similar experiences in Karmannz.

The three live a quiet life happily. Oskar decides to build a sushi bar with his profit from Moria, still using his alias. He plans to start an underground rebel organization, using the restaurant as a cover. He succeeds in creating bonds with tens of people who, as well, want the cruel rule of Eykan ended. This attracts Baltzer Mann, a Guardian with the ability to read minds, to meet Oskar. Baltzer explains the purpose of The Guardians, and that he was looking for someone like Oskar to ignite a governmental overthrow. He also tells Oskar the location of Ryan Kolehr, a fellow engineer who is also a Guardian known for so.