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Albrecht Eisenengel is Oskar Eisenengel's older brother. He is three years older than Oskar, and has an overall different appearance. Unlike his brother, Albrecht has light brown hair, green eyes, and he is of average height.

Significance in the story

During the event of the destruction of Karmannz, Oskar and Albrecht were ordered by their father to split up and escape. Oskar escaped, Albrecht did not.

He was captured by The Faceless Clan, who brought him to the first Eykan's fortress to be drafted and screened for Eykan's army. As a test of loyalty, Albrecht was given coordinates to where Oskar was staying at the time, and the order to murder him.

He passively declined by making no actions toward completing the order. Instead, he made transmissions via [insert communication device here] to Oskar from the first Eykan's fortress, explaining what happened. Two days after the order was given, Albrecht was brought to gruesomely pushed off of the first Eykan's fortress (approximately 300m from the ground), into the unsheltered Dark World. He landed in a lake sufficiently deep enough to save his life, however, he still made impact with the floor of the lake, breaking his legs. He miraculously surfaced, only to be spotted and attacked by a small group of Shadows. Of course, he didn't survive.